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Reputation capital

The reputation capital is an index that reflects the entirety of the actions of a member in the network, to the possible extent. It is a cumulative and time-sensitive index that takes into consideration the reviews, discussion posts, travel plans, visited places, and links to external profiles. You can see the reputation capital of all users, and when you look at your own profile you can click on your reputation capital to see how it has been calculated.

The reputation index has a bias towards zero. That means if a user stops acting and using the system his reputation index will gradually and decay until it reaches zero. Some factors decay quickly, like participating in hosting events, while other factors decay very slowly, like good references.

Most factors add points to the reputation index. And a few factors deduct points, like negative reviews or warnings.


Reviews are important but they can get overrated. Having 1 review is ok, and one could argue that 10 reviews are ten times better than just one. But the difference between 1 and 10 has to be more significant than the difference between 390 and 400. If you have 100 great reviews then we presume you are great. But if you have 500 great reviews we don't think you are five times as great as the other user who has just 100.

Reviews have a great impact when posted and gradually lose their potency. For instance, a positive review received last week is much more important than a positive review received a year ago.

For each review the following points are assigned:

The points for the review are divided by the logarythm of it's age, in months. This will cause the value (in points) of the review to gradually reduce over time, at a logarythmic rate. Once we add all the points for all the reviews, we add to the reputation capital the logarytm of the total review points.

Travel plans

Having your travel plans registered in the system allow potential hosts to see that you are coming to town and then they can possibly offer you opportunities. We consider registering your travel plans a good practice and an important tool to measure how much you have been traveling and participating in the network and how much you intend to do in the near future. The reputation capital adds the logarythm of the total number of travel plans you registered.

Visited places

Visited places are very important because they give other people a sense of how much experience you have as a traveler. The more places you know the better. The reputation capital adds the logarythm of the total number of visited places you registered in your profile.

External links

External links help hosts evaluate your presence online using profiles you have elsewhere. We encourage you to post links to your profile on Couchsurfing, Facebook, BeWelcome, Warmshowers, Internations, LinkedIn, AirBnB, Trustroots, and any other social network and even professional profiles that can be relevant in this context. The reputation capital adds the logarythm of the total number of external links you have.

Discussion posts

Discussion posts are a way to help other members with useful information. You should do your best to share tips about places to go, things to see, and other useful travel information and experiences with your community. The reputation capital adds the logarythm of the total number of discussion posts you authored.

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