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Frequently Answered Questions

Can access the Xenia network through this web site?

Initially we are allowing access through our apps, both for iOS and for Android. In the future there will be also apps for MacOs, Google Chrome, and Windows. Finally, we will also open access via the web, but that will be the last part of the system that we will release.

How are you promoting your network?

We are currently designing and improving our app while reaching out to experienced travellers interested in giving us feedback and suggestion to make our apps, and the network, the best experience possible. We will continue welcoming volunteers that have been helping us with translations, improvements, graphic design, etc.

Is your system going to be open-source?

No. We believe there are features and resources that should not be made open source. It would not help us make this project a viable commercial project.

How is Xenia Travel funded?

We commited from the beginning to never charge you to use the basic services of our network. We will be funded primarily by revenue from premium services that are not part of the core membership. One of those services will be the option to offer properties for short-term rent, similar to AirBnB and others. We will also offer other premium services especially designed for travelers, like insurance services, merchandise, and emergency assistance. These services are not part of the core features of membership in Xenia and membership will always be free.

We are not considering charging for membership as a source of revenue.

There are many different ways to make money. We do not believe that the only way to make money on a social network is by imitating what what several other web sites did. We know that applying more creativity and ingenuity to the problem we can do better.

Why not use advertising on the website for revenue?

We do not like traditional advertising in web sites and apps the way it is usually done. We don't like to see advertising blocking us from using their core features. We hate pop-ups! What we are going to have is a section of the web site and a page on the app where you can click, when you want to, and there you can see especially selected offers which have been carefully curated and selected by our management. We will not annoy you with advertising interrupting you, newsletters, email advertising, phone messages, or notifications.

Do you take, expect, or ask for donations?

We made this far with money from kind donations of our friends and the investment of our early investors. Now it is time to grow the network and at the right time we will start charging for premium services. We believe that business plan will be quite adequate.

Why not be a non-profit?

We don't see any way that being a non-profit could be a viable business model for us. One way or another one needs to generate revenue and profits. Being non-profit would block us from attracting investment money regardless of how idealistic or well intended the investor, and put us in the awkward position of having to ask our users for money and in a way annoy them the same way advertising does.

Are you associated with the web site Couchsurfing.com?

No. We are not owned, associated, funded, advised, or controlled by Couchsurfing.com

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