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Discussion boards are at the same time one of the most important resources of any social network and also one of the greatest sources of aggravation and conflict. We want to have strong, interesting message boards and we are designing a system that will allow us to have rich content, easy to select and find, searchable by our members.

Moderation will happen by a combination of automatic filters and human moderation. When you don't like a post you can block it. That way anything that follows from within that thread will not be visible to you. If someone is obnoxious you can choose to block either the thread that person posted or, if you prefer, you can block that person, so anything he/she posts will automatically be outside of your view.

Depending on the seriousness of the offense an ambassador can step in and not just filter the contents that a user posted but also warn that user that any further violation of our terms of use or values will result in expulsion. The ambassador can also see if that user is a habitual violator of said rules and, in that case, just ban the user. As we explain in our page about ambassadors, it takes the unanimous decision of three ambassadors to ban a user.

Another interesting decision we took during design is that if someone posts something that gets blocked, that doesn't have any impact on the author's profile. We do it because anyone can post something that someone else will not like. Just having your messages or comments blocked by some users doesn't mean anything necessarily bad. You have the right to say anything, as long as you don't willfully violate our values or community guidelines. But others also have the right to ignore what you say and that is all right.

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