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Welcome to our social network for travelers!

We come from many cultural, educational and economic backgrounds, whose common love is travel and understand what "paying it forward" means. We have been inspired by the social movement of couch surfing and the power of social networking. We want to share it with you through Xenia Travel.

Traveling is exciting when there are people along the way who wish to meet you, may offer a place to rest, recommend unique places to explore, host a meeting in the place you are staying or even join you for part of your voyage. We desire to link all who share the vision of making the world a friendlier place by enabling them to connect along the way.

We know that there are multitudes of sites for travelers, and hope that this will be the one you come to use as your main source.

Participating in our network does not cost anything. You can create your account for free and it will stay free. You can invite your friends, share events, participate in discussions, connect to some of the most amazing people. You can also watch podcasts where we talk to amazing people with great travel stories and valuable advice. All this on a web site that will not bother you with advertising on it and will not sell your information for marketing purposes.

Start now by installing our app and creating your free account today!

Happy voyages!

We do not compromise about privacy, respect, and trust.


We chose to honor your privacy by not selling your data.


We are committed to creating a safe place for all walks of life to communicate and connect without fear of censorship, intimidation or bullying.


We will not exclude users by charging fees just to be on the network. It starts free and stays free.


We help you find other members based on your common interests.


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How we do things:

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